• How do I arrange the bouquet I received in a vase?

  1. When you receive your dried flowers, remove the plastic/paper wrapping.

  2. Decide which container you'll be arranging them in, in most cases you'll need to cut off the tie binding the stems together and cut some length off the bottom so that they sit in the vase how you'd like them to.

  3. Dried flowers last for years but will fade if placed in direct sunlight.

  4. Do not get dried flowers wet, although most will do just fine in a humid room like a bathroom, others may wilt slightly.

  • How long do dried flowers last?

While dried flowers can last for years and don't go 'bad', we like to replace them in the house seasonally. This helps keep them looking fresh & current with the changing seasons as well.

  • Are they real flowers?

Yes, all of our flowers are real and have gone through a natural drying process, and then some have been preserved with natural glycerin and died to retain their vibrant colors.