CONVIVIAL Verdure Vase No. 3 | Raw Stoneware

Sandstone Verdure Vase Large

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This low, round vase is inspired by traditional shapes and classic vessels, designed with relaxed, organic arrangements in mind. Outfit one of these darling vases with a single fresh bloom or a full bouquet. Each piece is handmade using our proprietary sand stoneware. This rendition of our Verdure Vases features an unglazed stoneware that brings the full warmth of our clay body to life. As a part of the handmade process, color variation should be expected. We celebrate and embrace these organic expressions on our wares.

Product Dimensions: 6.80” w, 7” h, 3.10”

Material: Unglazed Sand Stoneware, Glazed Interior

Why Dried?

Effortless flowers

Our dried flowers are 100% real and have preserved their natural beauty. They come in a rainbow of colors and textures to fit in any design. Unlike fresh flowers they don't require any maintenance, worry of wilting or dirty water, and won't be thrown out in a week because they last for years!

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