Jipsē Candles + Apothecary Santal Fragrance Oil

Santal Fragrance Oil


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I'm bringing sexy back, I smell so good you don't know how to act, I've got the scent that all the others lack, sultry & sexy baby that's a fact. (Justin Timberlake) Elegant & sexy with notes of coconut, birds of paradise & bergamot with subtle hints of tobacco smoke, leather & sea salt. 10ml Roller Ball | handmade in small batches free of harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, sulfates & colorants | cruelty-free | vegan.

Why Dried?

Effortless flowers

Our dried flowers are 100% real and have preserved their natural beauty. They come in a rainbow of colors and textures to fit in any design. Unlike fresh flowers they don't require any maintenance, worry of wilting or dirty water, and won't be thrown out in a week because they last for years!

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