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Face Mask Applicator

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To apply a face mask in an even, precise way with our face mask applicator: the soft silicone brush head makes it easier to dip and blend, is hygienic and won’t waste any of the product! WHY I AM KIND The handle of our Face mask applicator is craft from bamboo. Why did we choose this material? First of all, bamboo is super solid and resistant, which is essential for beauty accessories, and it is also lightweight. Bamboo is also a natural antibacterial, which is perfect for traveling. Plus, it is a sustainable option because it regrows easily after harvest, even in damaged and poor soils! HOW TO USE Prepare a face mask in a little, clean recipient. Take a small amount of face mask with the silicone spatula, then apply on the face. Clean the applicator after use. SELLING TIP Unlike mask applicators made with a bristle brush, the silicone tip is easy to clean and is anti-bacterial!

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