Dried Wedding Flowers

Idlewild began as a wedding floral studio, and for over a decade we've had the joy of creating flowers for arches, dinner tables and dance parties. Over time we transitioned from fresh flowers to using 100% dried flowers, and now offer them not just for weddings but as gifts and home decor too.

Why we love dried flowers for weddings...

They last essentially forever : fresh flowers last a week at best, even less if you're setting them on a table in the sunshine on a hot summer wedding day! Dried flowers can be made months in advance and last after as the most lovely keepsakes. 

They're a more affordable option for wedding flowers : Fresh flowers take a huge amount of labor to clean, keep alive, build and install for a wedding. So although the cost per stem may be comparable, the cost of hiring a team the week of your wedding is much higher.

They're easier to work with : Fresh flowers take a lot of prep and care to keep fresh and pretty in the days leading up to a wedding, and ensuring that they don't wilt and die while setting them up is always a challenge, factor that you don't have to consider when working with dried flowers.

This dreamy California beach wedding used all dried flowers in a neutral palette of white & tan :

White dried flower bridal bouquet for a modern wedding

The bride wore a straw hat adorned with a white & cream flower crown for a morning photo session :

Dried flower crown for a straw hat

A dried bridal bouquet is light and easy to hold, withstands being out of water for a long day of photos and ceremony, and lasts forever as a gorgeous keepsake :

Boho white and tan dried flower bridal bouquet with pampas grass and white fern

 Dried flowers make lovely and light centerpieces which can be brought home after the evening is over to enjoy for years to come :

dried flower wedding centerpiece in white fern and natural tan flowers
This all white floral installation made of bleached hanging amaranthus floated over the head table during dinner, and was later taken down and re-purposed :
White dired flower hanging installation cloud over a wedding table
Location : Hotel Joaquin in Laguna Beach
Planning : Crowned Events
Photos : My Sun and Stars
Dried flowers were the perfect accent for this Fall wedding in California's wine country.

Dried floral bridal bouquet for a boho California wedding

Mustard Yarrow, mauve protea and bleached white ferns and foliage made up the dried floral arrangements on the tables :

Fall dried flower wedding centerpiece in mustard and white
Location : Higuera Ranch
Planning : Wild Heart Events
Photos : A Sea of Love

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